Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Response to a writing prompt...

Thanks to a prompt from the blog Daily Writing Practice which can be viewed at daily-writing.blogspot.com

This exercises was a first line prompt and the following is what I ended up with...

There is a ghost wind blowing on an otherwise still, dead night.  It comes with no howl.  No rustling of the leaves.  No sign of its presence at all. None except the soul shaking chill it sends up his spine as he embraces her with every fiber of his being.  He refuses to let go, knowing it is going to be the last time he ever holds her.

His body shakes as she gently pulls away to place a soft kiss upon his lips. The shaking of his body explodes into a searing emotional pain throughout his entire essence.  She continues to pull away and the only thing he can do is lean forward in hopes to prolong the inevitable.  As the union of their lips break, so does his spirit.  She backs away without a word, only a single tear running down her cheek. 

He feels as if he should cry too.  He wants to cry! But he can't!  That chill that shot up his spin in some way must have frozen his heart.  Locking him in that moment for what felt to be all eternity.  She continued to step back, fading into the darkness.  Their eyes never left each other, until that final moment came and she was gone from his sight, and his world, forever. 

He still couldn't move, couldn't think, couldn't feel.  What was he to do? She wasn't only his life, she was his being.  She was everything that made him who he was.  He couldn't go on without her so he made the choice not to fight the coldness.  He simply stood there, motionless, not thinking, until the darkness surrounded his body as well, being absorbed into nothingness by the vast unknown.

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