Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dreamer

I have always been considered a bit of a dreamer. Growing up, no matter where I was, I could always just drift off into my own world. At school it was called day-dreaming, at home they called it an active imagination. To me it was just normal.

Naturally, because of this, as I got older I became interested in all sorts of writing in an attempt to channel this 'creativity'. Some I excelled in more than others, but eventually I stopped writing on a regular basis.

It had always been a plan of mine to write again, but it kept getting pushed back by things in 'the real world'. It seemed like there would always be time to write, and I could do it whenever I wanted. But if that were true, then why wasn't I doing it?

Then, one day at my 'real job,' in that 'real world' I was talking about, I transferred to a new unit in my company. There I met someone who had published a book of what he described as an original collection of urban poetry and story-telling. Instantly it came up in conversation and I responded with a statement that every writer hears all too often...

"I've always wanted to write a book."

He looked at me and said, "so why haven't you?"

I responded with just about every generic excuse you could think of and he simply said, "the only thing stopping you is you."

He was right! I found that simple statement to be immensely inspiring and that week I started writing again. I truly believe everyone has at least one great story inside of them. The trick is getting it out for the world to enjoy. Through that one statement I came to realize our biggest obstacles are ourselves and our insecurities.

Just as I have remembered my dream, I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. Face those insecurities that have stopped you until now and push through them. You may surprise yourself!


  1. There were parts in your post where I felt this could've been written about me. I've been a writer since I could put pencil to paper and writing always came very easily and naturally. As writers, I think we tend to be more observant than most - let me rephrase that, anyone who is a creative - because anything we see, hear, smell, feel, or read can inspire the next bout of creativity. I always carry a little notebook with me and you'd be surprised (well, you wouldn't as a fellow writer) where inspiration is birthed. I created my blog years ago as a form to channel those stories that needed to be told and because after years of having put my passion to rest (that's another story for another time), I fell into a deep depression not connecting the two. My beloved, the one who knows me best, finally said I needed to write, because when I wrote, I was more at peace and happy . First written work after years of hibernation felt liberating. It's in us and we can't escape it, no matter how hard we try.

    Glad you decided to open a blog; now, open your imagination and let it rip!


    1. Rebecca

      I'm glad you were able to relate to the post. That is part of why we're here after all, to connect with like minded people and get some of our work out there. Thanks for reading and your kind words.