Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Nature of Love

Nick stood on the trail that he frequented so often with his father when he was a child and stared at the two trees that had grown tangled together. His father loved those trees. Every time they hiked that particular trail his father would just stop and look at them in fascination. Nick never really understood why until one Sunday when his father stopped to admire the trees and he finally asked him.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” his father responded.

“They’re just trees, Dad.”

“You have to learn to look deeper,” he said. It’s not what they are, it’s what they symbolize.”

“What are you talking about?”

His father took a deep breath, then, with a smile he said, “They remind me of your mother.”

“How can trees remind you of Mom?” he asked in a very confused tone.

“Because every time I look at these trees I think about the love between us. Think about these trees. Originally they sprouted from the ground separately, but as they grew they found each other. The more time that went by the more and more they grew together. It was something they couldn’t avoid. It was just nature. That is what true love is like. It is the strongest force of nature there is, and every time I see these trees I remember that.”

At eleven years old, Nick just thought his father was being overly dramatic. Now, almost fifteen years after that summer when his father explained love to him, he stood on that same trail, looking at those same trees, but this time he stood with the woman he had been dating since his freshman year of college. He explained to her that when he looked at those trees they made him think of her and their love for one another. He told her they inspired him to live and grow with her forever. Then, he turned to her and took her hands in his as he lowered himself to one knee.

The above is a response to this week's Trifecta Writing Challenge. The word this week was remember, and as always, we had to use the third definition.

It has been a long time since I have participated in a Trifecta Challenge. I have also greatly neglected my blog. I have decided to write here more often, and what better way than to take part in such a great exercise.


  1. Wise father - love the comment about having to look deeper. Great write.

    1. Thank you, Kelly, for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I believe there is more to everything than just what you see on the surface. You just have to learn to look.

  2. What a sweet tradition to be building on!
    Love the trees grown tangled together.

    1. I love those trees, too. I discovered them and took that picture on a trail while hiking with my wife and kids. They just stood out to me and I knew they would make for great inspiration.

  3. Awww. I hope she said yes. He seems like a keeper. And from a good family, too. Thanks for linking up.

  4. That is so sweet! And such a strong metaphor!