Friday, May 18, 2012

The End?

Everything had been destroyed. All he had ever known was left in ruins. All he had to look back on was the remains of rubble and his own memories, which appeared to be fading more and more by the day. For a long time he thought he might be the only one left, but now he wasn’t so sure.

His days were spent traveling and scavenging for supplies. For anything that could help him survive one more day. He would look for any signs of life, but that always ended with nothing. All logic told him there was no one else. That he was left to spend the rest of his existence aimlessly wandering this barren wasteland.

It was what happened after nightfall that made him start to believe that he wasn’t alone. As he sat in the darkness he would become overwhelmed with the feeling that he was being watched. The more he tried to ignore it the stronger the sensation became. As he would lie still in his camp for the night it appeared the shadows would move, and he was even sure he had heard voices…screams in the distance.

This was a response to this week's "Friday Fiction" at The One-Minute Writer.

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